Resident Membership

What makes Resident Membership at The Ford Plantation distinctive is these memberships are generational, which means they grant the same level of access and privileges to the parents, children, and grandchildren of the original member(s). This creates a unity among our members, who share the same commitment to The Ford Plantation lifestyle and stewardship of this beautiful property.

Only property owners can become Resident Members, and all property owners must be Resident Members.

National Membership

The Ford Plantation offers National Membership to a select number of non-property owners. These memberships include exclusive access to all club services: golf, equestrian facilities, Sports Barn, shooting preserve, Ogeechee Outfitters, day spa and the wide array of social events The Ford Plantation provides its members.

The Ford Plantation National Membership privileges include the member, spouse, and their unmarried children (under 24) for up to 45 days per year.

If you would like to learn more about Resident Membership or National Membership at The Ford Plantation, please contact Marianne Schofield at 912-250-1306 or send us an email using the button below.